Case Study

Case Study


The tablet category was abuzz with various launches trying to compete with iPad’s stronghold on category. HTC needed to develop a campaign that would demonstrate its unique product benefits and enable consumers to engage firsthand with HTC Scribe™ Technology, as well as overcome consumer hesitancy to engage with tablet devices outside the established leader, iPad.

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Communication Objective:
Demonstrate how HTC Tablets let YOU make your mark.

Advertising Objective:
Establish the HTC series of Tablets in the competitive tablet space.

Demographic Target:
On the go A18-49 (skew 18-34 young professionals), $70-75K average HHI, single, college educated.

The campaign needed to focus on the unique HTC tablet attributes, particularly the HTC Scribe™ (pen) Technology, to establish this new product among the target market though interactive and engaging OOH across key markets while balancing effectiveness and efficiency.


Station dominations were selected to maximize impact among the target audience when they were in a “mobile mindset” in select heavy transit markets. Station dominations provided a pervasive presence in high foot traffic locations, a presence difficult to replicate in other OOH environments. HTC was also able to use multiple creative messages across the various static placements to fully surrounding the target.

Digital interactive transit and cinema lobby kiosks were selected to provide a hands--on “trial by out-of-home” experience that allowed consumers to replicate the product experience. The interaction experience allowed consumers to take photos of themselves and their friends and use the touchscreen kiosk to draw on those pictures using a virtual pen as a stand in for the HTC Scribe™. The end result could be saved and sent directly to their email for sharing and use on social media. All elements were opt-in to ensure privacy was respected.

Markets: Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Flighting Dates: September 1 - October 2, 2011

Out of Home Formats: Rail Station Dominations, Digital Interactive Transit Kiosks (San Francisco only), Digital Interactive Kiosks in Cinema Lobbies


All elements ran the entire time contracted, with added value override on San Francisco interactive kiosks for 3 weeks. Overall there were 88,108 individual activations and 126,985 photos taken with an 18% email opt-in rate for cinema and 11% email opt-in rate for the transit units. Both of those rates are well above the typical online conversion rate for PPC ads of 8.4% (MarketingSherpa 2012 search marketing benchmark report).

The planning team was able to find a convergent solution to directly answer the clients’ need: “trial by out of home” uniquely engaged consumers allowing them to have the HTC tablet experience in a fresh, new and memorable way. This strategy also gave users the ability to share their unique creation layered with an additional social/earned media element, and enticed word of mouth as well as product discovery around the device launch. This is the type of experience that simply cannot be replicated with any other media format.