Outdoor Advertising Reaches Commuters and Drives Social Media Engagement

With 2022 on the horizon, new Harris Poll/OAAA research confirms the power of outdoor advertising to drive engagement and influence purchasing decisions. 

Engagement with Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is particularly effective in reaching and driving engagement among the coveted GenZ’s and Millennials, with 91% reporting that they would reshare an outdoor ad on social media. More broadly, 77% of consumers in major cities have engaged with an outdoor ad in some way, from visiting the brand’s website to making a purchase.

Harris Poll Study Infographic 2

Consumer Habits & Movements

Heading into 2022, 78% of consumers will commute to work while 72% are planning vacations for the first half of the year. In-store purchasing activity continues to increase as well, with 85% visiting grocery stores weekly and a majority doing the same at retail stores and restaurants. 

Harris Poll Study Infographic 3

Mobile Device Burnout

Further enhancing the power of outdoor advertising is the finding that mobile device burnout continues to be pervasive in today’s environment, with 62% of respondents skipping online ads entirely. Additionally, 74% of consumers remain concerned with privacy issues related to online ad targeting. 

With consumer mobility expected to increase exponentially in the year ahead, brands can leverage outdoor advertising to reach audiences in a relevant and meaningful way, delivering the right message at the right time. 

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Source: The Harris Poll, OAAA