Holiday Shopping & Travel 2021

A new study from the OAAA and OnDevice explores consumer spending trends and travel plans as the holiday season approaches. Below are the key findings.

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Holiday Travel Is Back

79% of US adults plan to travel during the November and December holiday season. At least three quarters will travel 100 miles or more round trip by car, seeing outdoor advertising messages along the way. 
OAAA Holiday Travel Statistics

Spending Will Increase and Start Early

Of the 94% of US adults that will shop for the holidays this year, 40% will spend more than last year and 58% will start shopping earlier. Among the popular categories, 48% of consumers will spend the most on clothing followed by technology products and toys.
OAAA Holiday Travel Statistics

Where Consumers Are Headed

Big box stores will benefit the most as consumers plan to spend 46% more than last year.

OAAA Holiday Travel Statistics

Source: OAAA, OnDevice