Case Study

Case Study

King Cadillac Buick GMC

Problem: How does a local Cadillac dealership remind clients and potential buyers of its reputable services?

Solution: By creating an innovative and eye-catching Out of Home (OOH) execution that reminds locals about its products.

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King Cadillac was one of the agency’s biggest clients and a very prominent dealership in Florence, South Carolina. The client understood the impact of OOH advertising and how important it was to have trendy,
compelling creative representing the brand. When it came time for a renewal on the business contract, the agency wanted to push the envelope and present the client with a concept that had never been done before in the advertising market.

Instead of creating a generic ad showcasing GMC’s different vehicles, the agency took the campaign a step further. King is a reputable dealership in the Florence area, and GMC is one of the most-favored brands by the residents there. Both company names were used in collaboration to produce the “wow factor” for the client and potential buyers.


The agency’s concept was to have the entire billboard display the front grill of a truck. It worked closely with a print vendor to figure out an innovative way to fabricate the LED headlights on the creative. The headlights lit up vibrantly at night, along with four red letters spelling out “KING” in the center of the grill.

Plan Details
Markets: Florence, SC
Flight Dates: January 2017 - January 2018
OOH Formats Used: Bulletin with LED lights
Target Audiences: Auto buyers

The agency couldn’t be happier with how the OOH campaign turned out, and more importantly, the client loved it.