Take Advantage of Lamar’s Complimentary Design Services

75% of advertising impact is determined by creative quality, which is why design is so important to the success of your campaign. 

At Lamar, we have a dedicated team of designers who have a long history of working specifically in outdoor advertising design. Our designers will spend time understanding your business until they are equipped to design a campaign that will meet your goals and objectives. 

When you select Lamar as your outdoor advertising vendor, our design services are included at no additional cost. Contact us and let’s begin the creative discussion today!

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Lamar Advertising Creative Billboard Examples

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you create an effective billboard design?
Effective billboard designs have a clear objective, are concise and are easy to read at high speeds. Click here for billboard advertising design tips.

I’m new to billboard advertising. How should I get started?
The key to success is creating a billboard campaign designed around your specific, desired results.
Our sales representatives can help by identifying your campaign goals and provide research and strategies to target and effectively reach your potential customers. Click here to learn about determining your billboard campaign goals. 

What colors and fonts should I use on my billboard?
It’s best to use simple fonts and contrasting colors on your billboard design. Most importantly, you want your ad to be legible to a person passing by.

How often can I change my billboard design?
It depends on the type of billboard. Digital billboard designs can be changed as often as you’d like at no additional cost, while static billboards are typically changed monthly or every few months.

How much is a billboard?
Advertising rates for outdoor media vary depending on location, size, market, market population, campaign duration and demand. Lamar offers a wide variety of media choices to fit your budget and successfully target your audience. Visit the Browse Inventory section to find rates for a specific market. When you search or zoom into a specific area, click View Pricing in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.

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