Billboard Advertising Statistics You Need to Know

A recent Harris Poll studied how consumers are responding to billboards and mobile device ads. Here are some of the key findings.

The billboard advertising industry is on track to become an even more effective advertising channel for brands in the year ahead. 
70% of consumers say they are driving on highways several times a week.
Findings from a recent OAAA-Harris Poll, suggest that Americans are tired of mobile devices. As a result, 75% of respondents are disregarding mobile device ads and yearning to be outdoors where they are noticing and being influenced by billboard advertising. 
Mobile Device Burnout is Growing
In large urban areas, the impact of mobile device burnout is even more pronounced. More than half of responding consumers notice billboards now more than ever.

The survey also revealed that Americans are back on the roads. 83% of respondents notice billboards when driving on highways, and 82% see billboards while driving locally around town.
83% of consumers say they are noticing OOH while driving.
As recovery continues in 2021 and beyond, billboards will play a pivotal role in connecting brands with audiences and helping marketers target, engage and make meaningful connections with consumers. Contact us to start your billboard campaign today!​​​

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​Source: The Harris Poll