Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level. With Lamar's digital technology, the possibilities are endless.

  • Ads rotate in a slide show fashion every 6 to 8 seconds
  • Located on highways, major arteries and city streets
  • Change your message as often as you want with no production cost
  • Stream live data and user-generated content from your website/social media in real time
  • Display your ad within minutes
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Features & Specs

Live Countdowns

Muddy Water Paddle Company used Digital Billboards to promote their annual Paddle Battle Race and keep consumers engaged.

Display a live countdown on our Digital Billboards to generate awareness and excitement for upcoming events or store openings. Our Digital Billboards can count down to a specific day or time, even down to the second. The countdown updates automatically with every rotation of the board.

Amplify Message Relevance

Target used our digital capabilities and real time data to connect with shoppers and drive consumers to their store locations.

The flexibility of our Digital Billboards allows you to change your message based on the time of day, traffic conditions and more. We can tap into the local forecast and trigger relevant designs to run when it's rainy vs. sunny. We can even play designs based on the pollen level or the outcome of a football game!

Mobile Integration

Under Armour connected mobile with Digital Out-of-Home to promote Stephen Curry's 2014 NBA All Star appearance and the launch of the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn shoe.

Complement and increase the impact of your mobile ad campaign with Digital Out-of-Home. Using geo-fencing capabilities, we can serve mobile ads to your target audience when they’re in proximity to a billboard, event venue, retail location, etc. When people aren’t looking at their mobile device, outdoor media reinforces your message and connects audiences with brands.

Social Media

Stream tweets in real time directly to our Digital Billboards.

Combine Digital Out-of-Home and Social Media to extend the conversation where people are making buying decisions. We can stream content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare and Google+ to our Digital Billboards. Don’t worry about filters; our Network Operating Center (NOC) covers that for you.

Dynamic Capabilities

Transform our Digital Billboards into giant scoreboards with live updates from sporting events.

Change your message weekly, daily, hourly or in real time – it’s up to you. Anything that is live on a website can be streamed to our Digital Billboards in real time. This includes countdowns, time, temperature, live scores, news feeds, trending items and more.

User-Generated Content

Display images or text from your website or social media account on our Digital Billboards.

Turn customers into copywriters with our Digital technology. We can pull images or text from your website or social media accounts and display it on our Digital Billboards in real time. It’s a great way to create a one to one relationship with consumers and establish brand ambassadors for your business or service.

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by unit. Please contact a local sales representative for availability and specifications.


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