Case Study

Case Study


This established retailer educated their consumers about its expanded offerings with strategic messaging near the point of purchase to remain top-of-mind.

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Walmart stores in California were undergoing a remodeling to expand on fresh grocery offerings. Customers in California were not familiar with Walmart’s price leadership compared to other retailers or Walmart’s grocery assortments. Customers were also skeptical of Walmart’s freshness and quality.


Because consumers don’t think of Walmart as a grocer, the campaign needed to overcome the perception barrier to purchase. The campaign needed to have a grocery “feel” with continuous messaging and various hyper-local media touchpoints.


The planning agency decided to take advantage of local media formats to reach customers, drive engagement and communicate store opening date and location while reinforcing Walmart’s freshness and quality.

Markets: Fresno, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, San Diego, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Los Angeles
Flighting Dates: September - December 2010 

Out of Home Formats Used: 
The team selected posters, bulletins, and shelters in close proximity to each of Walmart’s stores in the above markets. The plan also included king-size bus posters and full wraps in the San Francisco market. 

Additionally, a customized smoothie truck toured around 12 local events across the four markets. Brand ambassadors distributed free smoothie samples made from fruit being sold at local Walmart stores to prove quality and freshness of the products to potential consumers.


Various testimonies were given by customers at each event.