Street Level Impact

Located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities, Benches provide excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Placed curbside at eye level, Bench ads are visible to thousands of people waiting for the bus and establish a strong local presence in the community.

  • Stationary advertising space located at bus stops in major cities
  • Provides eye level visibility to pedestrians and vehicular traffic in major cities
  • Targets specific audiences and reaches areas that other out-of-home advertising can’t go
  • Effective media for point-of-purchase marketing near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters and tourist attractions
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Features & Specs

Curbside Exposure

Benches provide street level exposure to pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Put your ad in front of consumers at street level with Bench advertising – you’ll have their undivided attention while they wait for the bus or walk down the street. Ads are placed curbside, establishing a strong local presence and reaching mobile consumers.

Not Your Average Bench

Benches establish a strong presence in the community and reach consumers on the move.

Add three dimensional extensions, props or wrap the entire Bench with your ad to make a dramatic impact on your audience. Benches are highly effective for point-of-purchase marketing near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters and tourist attractions.

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by unit. Please contact a local sales representative for availability and specifications.


We offer advertising space on Benches in the following markets:

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