Case Study

Case Study


Problem: How does General Mills accelerate growth in sales of its Totino’s?

Solution: Create a strategic OOH campaign, utilizing very specific and relevant timing and location to promote its treat: Denver, 4/20.

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Totino’s challenged the team to accelerate growth through strong creative and effective media, in addition to turning awareness into purchases with its key target audience “Instapendents” around focused passion points and highly relevant timing.

“Instapendents” skew male, aging between 18-29, and are identified as a core audience as “They want what they want, when they want it,” gravitating towards companies and products that help fit their instant lifestyle.

Totino’s tasked the team to help create a media activation that celebrates the 4/20 holiday (National Marijuana Day) in a legal market that offers a large scale OOH footprint that can bring custom creative to life.


Totino’s had its sights set on creating organic chatter gearing up for 4/20 to be positioned as the perfect snack option when the munchies kicked in. The team recommended to focus efforts in the Denver market, given the media opportunity for a highly visible campaign in addition to the legalization opportunity.

Furthermore, there was opportunity for greater reach, as data proves 4/20 is one of the top five travel periods into Denver since the legalization, which provided an optimal moment to speak to an expanded audience.


Our team developed an OOH strategy to address objectives of accelerating growth, awareness, purchase, and relevant locations for Totino’s. The campaign profiled the Denver DMA to identify key zip codes where males ages 18-29 live, work, and play, marrying this proximity with the OOH footprint. In a saturated marketplace with a minimum of 100 weekly TRPs to launch awareness and create synergies with key time period, the team recommended high impact static and nontraditional activations. To address purchase requirements, it also recommended placements in close proximity to identified key retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, and King Scoopers. The campaign capitalized on the buzz of 4/20 and surrounded key events with media to hyper-target core audience. In addition, the team selected media that mutually reinforced the engaging, hysterical creative tags reading: “Better when baked,” “Remember before you forget,” and “Legal in every state. Better in Colorado,” to name just a few.

Furthermore, the campaign included a measurement component – its Social Amplification Score (SAS) – to understand the conversations surrounding the brand, social impact, and earned media value. SAS provides valuable campaign optimization opportunities, based on aggregated anonymized data, to formulate insights from each social poster’s behavior, demographics, and interests. These insights helped to inform campaign creative decisions, selection of target media sites, and measure the effectiveness of OOH campaigns.


The Totino’s program had proven strong results from a client, PR, social, and sales perspective. The plan delivered against strong awareness thresholds for the paid OOH support at 870 total 4-week TRPs and a 47.9% reach against A18-29.

Client feedback was positive. Totino’s saw a +18% lift in turns year over year in Denver during the flight of the campaign. SAS proved that the overall cumulative earned media value attribute to out of home was $700,000. There was a ratio of 2.5: 1 of added exposure. Through chatter, behavior, and demos of consumers engaging with the campaign we collected 58.20 million impressions on Facebook, 4.62 million impressions on Twitter and 13.21 million impressions on Instagram. These platforms saw social chatter not only in Denver but across the country through photos, comments, and Tweets. Even celebrity comedian Ron White joined the conversation (a non-paid endorsement), posting photos and comments on his Facebook page.

Additionally, the OOH portion of the activation was covered in a number of Denver’s leading outlets, including ABC7, KMGH-TV, MJ Biz Daily, among others.