Case Study

Case Study

Kmart & Sears

These two major retailers created purchase opportunities for shoppers during their daily routines by promoting toy sales in a unique way during the holiday season. 

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Kmart & Sears wanted to develop a unique campaign to launch their “Kmart Fab 15 Toys” and “Sears Toy Shop” at the start of the holiday season. They wanted to promote the toy shops with a bold announcement and position themselves apart from the clutter of the typical holiday retail efforts.


The stores wanted to create a splash in key markets and ultimately increase toy sales during the holiday season.


The campaign strategy was to extend the Kmart & Sears retail presence through virtual storefronts at locations offering high dwell time, offering the on-the-go consumer “holiday shopping on your time.”

The agency planning team carefully assessed how consumers were likely to be spending time during the period around Thanksgiving -- traveling, shopping, leisure time with friends/family -- while the agency’s proprietary data was used to evaluate key venues and formats in each market based on audience engagement and mindset.

Virtual shopping destinations were created in key “dwell-zones” to reach the busy consumer and make their holiday shopping easy and convenient. Placements for the campaign needed to reach consumers throughout the course of their hectic day, offering the consumer a shopping experience on their own time rather than having to find a brick and mortar store. Placements focused on areas of high dwell times as the creative encouraged mobile interaction. 

The creative featured the top holiday toys as well as QR codes that enabled immediate purchase from a mobile device. More importantly, the OOH creative clearly and simply stated what the call-to-action was, ensuring consumers would instantly understand the opportunity for them and determine their desire to find out more information or make a purchase.

There were a number of factors considered when planning for locations: priority target markets, skew towards affluent neighborhoods to optimize smartphone penetration, areas of dwell time to allow time to peruse virtual storefronts, high visibility and pedestrian traffic flow within the environment to optimize opportunity to see and explore the creative.

This campaign enabled Kmart & Sears to extend their retail presence through the use of OOH, build consideration during audience activities and travel patterns, and ultimately allow people to do their holiday shopping at moments and locations of convenience.


QR codes enabled the tracking and monitoring of interaction. Sears saw double digit growth in mobile sales over the Thanksgiving weekend. Throughout the campaign, there were over 500,000 hits delivered to via the vanity URL only found on the OOH creative.

The campaign received coverage in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, and CNN, as well as being featured on numerous tech and retail blogs, deeming the campaign “impressive” and noting that Kmart & Sears have entered the “future of shopping.” 

The campaign also earned the Mobile Retailer of The Year award from Mobile Commerce Daily, the most prestigious honor for smart, strategic and creative use of the mobile medium.