Case Study

Case Study

Grand Blanc Nissan

How does Grand Blanc Nissan draw attention to its new store?

Saturate the market with an OOH campaign, drawing consumers to the store.

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The Grand Blanc Nissan store had only been open for a year in a competitive area.

The team wanted to saturate the market as much as possible while focusing on specific areas where the HHI levels would provide sustainability for Grand Blanc Nissan’s product.


The team formulated a 10-bulletin rotary campaign with coverage on both the main highways in the area, as well as some inner city surface streets, paired with a 1.6 million mobile impression package.

Plan Details
Markets: Flint, MI
Flight Dates: February 2016 - February 2017
OOH Formats: Bulletins & Mobile
Target Audience: Male & Female 16+
Budget: The dealership had a set budget for OOH

Their mobile campaign has generated 509 call, website views, and visits YTD. Additionally, there have been 202 consumer responses to the campaign’s coupon.