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Lamar Advertising Converts Columbus Area Billboard into Giant 3D Corn Stalk for Ohio Farm Bureau Membership Drive

Columbus, OH – February 22, 2018 – The Columbus office of Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR), in partnership with the Ohio Farm Bureau, has succeeded in converting a roadside billboard into a giant 3D corn stalk to raise awareness of the grassroots organization, whose mission is to advance agriculture and strengthen local Ohio communities. Situated in Marion alongside US Highway 23, the billboard is intended to drive membership interest and create conversations about the state’s farming and food community.

The Lamar team designed the concept and managed assembly and installation, which includes adorning the pole with green paint, corn stalks and an ear of corn that emerges from the pole onto the actual vinyl billboard. The campaign was created in partnership with Hart/CPV, the Ohio Farm Bureau’s agency of record.

“The Ohio Farm Bureau relies on a strong and growing membership, so we wanted to create a campaign that would attract attention, create buzz and help drive traffic to the website where prospective new members could join,” said Chris Avondet, vice president of Lamar Advertising of Columbus. “We have had a fruitful, long term relationship with this client and are very pleased that they came back to use for this important project.”

Lamar Advertising Columbus, OH Ohio Farm Bureau 3D Corn Stalk Billboard

The Ohio Farm Bureau works with its members to support farmers through advocacy and education, equip land owners with information and resources, connect advocates of local food to community programs and provide a network for young farmers to share ideas and learn about new opportunities. 

“We liked the fresh approach to the display of our message,” said Pat Petzel, vice president of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau. “The novelty gets viewers’ attention and can also be translated to social media audiences.” 

Lamar’s corn stalk campaign for the Ohio Farm Bureau can be seen through the end of March. 

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