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“Station Domination” is exactly what it sounds like – your message completely dominating a Train or Subway Station with specialized, high-impact displays strategically placed in high-traffic areas. Saturate a Station with your message, create buzz and generate awareness by surrounding consumers throughout their commute.

  • Blanket a specific terminal station with your message
  • Create a virtual exhibit that surrounds commuters with multiple messages
  • Reach a captive audience at every available opportunity – position ads on the exterior walls, in the entrance, hallways, on train platforms and walls visible to passengers entering/exiting trains
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Features & Specs

Wall-to-Wall Exposure

Generate awareness and surround consumers throughout their commute with Station Domination.

Spare no details. Create a transformative experience for your audience by adorning walls, adding floor graphics, wrapping entry/exit turnstiles, train platforms or virtually any surface of the Station’s interior or exterior. You can even add interactive digital elements with face-recognition technology and prop installations to keep commuters engaged.

Mix it Up

With Station Domination, one size doesn't have to fit all. Choose from a variety of sizes and formats.

Good things come in all shapes and sizes. Excite your audience and pique their interest by using displays of various shapes and sizes placed strategically throughout the Station. Integrate creative messaging in places they might not expect – such as on stairs or ceilings – and change your message so it’s relevant based on its location in the Station.

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by market. Please contact your local Lamar office for availability and specifications.


We offer advertising space in Stations in the following markets:

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