What is a Poster?

Poster billboards bring your message to a local audience and impact your customers where they live, work and play. When you’re launching a new product, making a name change or trying to get a message out in the shortest amount of time possible, Posters are the way to go.

  • Smaller advertising structures
  • Located on primary and secondary traffic arteries
  • Seen by vehicular traffic and pedestrians in commercial and industrial areas
  • Designed to be mass produced and posted in multiple locations to flood the market all at once
  • Posters provide 4 times more impressions per dollar than radio and magazines, 8 times more than TV and 11 times more than newspapers
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Features & Specs

Saturate the Market

Poster packages are designed to saturate the market and reach customers where they live, work and play.

Reach a wide audience and make a dramatic impact by flooding the market with Poster ads. With our Poster package, your ad will run simultaneously on several different Poster locations in a specified market area to saturate the region (typically for 30 and 60 day periods).


Lamar led the move to replace paper and PVC as the default printing materials in the OOH industry. We developed the industry's first recyclable billboard material, saving over 1,500 tons of waste per year.

Poster ads are printed on a lightweight, recyclable substrate called PosterFlex. This revolutionary material is installed as a single sheet onto the structure without the use of glue. It provides a seamless appearance, prevents flagging and is 100% weather resistant, so your ad will look perfect even after the campaign is over.

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by market. Please contact your local Lamar office for availability and specifications.


We offer advertising space on Posters in the following markets:

United States

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