Case Study

Case Study


Using a never-been-done station domination, the telecommunications company made a name for itself and found a new way to engage customers.

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In April 2010, AT&T launched a brand repositioning campaign: “Rethink Possible.” The company wanted to transition from a telecommunications company to a company grounded in innovation. With this new brand promise, AT&T challenged its media planning agency to “Rethink Possible” and deliver a fresh and never been done before campaign to help the brand further connect with its audience.


AT&T had a clear vision of the ways in which the out of home campaign needed to support the overall brand launch. The campaign should: 

• communicate AT&T’s “Rethink Possible” brand statement, 
• increase AT&T’s visibility among competitive clutter, 
• tie into existing AT&T advertising efforts and sponsorships to continue to build on relationships within communities,
• give AT&T a heightened ability to interact with consumers, and 
• elevate AT&T network perception and market-leader status

Prior to initial campaign discussions with the client, the planning agency had been proactively generating a collection of custom out of home media opportunities for AT&T. Philadelphia proved an ideal location for this sort of campaign because it is heavily saturated with advertising from AT&T’s competitors, including pay-as-you-go services. As a market where AT&T already had a sponsorship presence, it was particularly important for the company to regain its share of voice.

The planning agency worked with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) and its contracted media vendor to develop a one-of-a-kind station domination. The contract gave AT&T five-year naming and station domination rights, an opportunity that would give AT&T the most flexibility and the highest level of possible interaction with its audience. SEPTA Pattison Station -- now renamed “AT&T Station” -- will exclusively carry AT&T advertising both above and below ground until August 2015.


AT&T Station is located in Philadelphia’s largest sports and entertainment complex and is a major commuter hub that delivers a monthly ridership of more than 800,000. The location also aligned with many of AT&T’s current Philadelphia team and event sponsorships, such as the Wells Fargo Center partnership which included a sponsorship of the Philadelphia Sixers, AT&T Pavilion, and AT&T Fan Zone, along with LED venue signage in the concourse and the bowl. A three-month awareness campaign throughout the market launched alongside the grand opening to support AT&T’s increased share of voice in the area.

This SEPTA partnership is a Philadelphia first for any of the stations and includes a number of elements that have never been done before, including:
• a year-round brand association on all Pattison Station head houses, maps, brochures, and station media;
• space for an AT&T pop-up retail store, in addition to the eye level media formats, which allows consumers to easily interact with the AT&T brand and its products; and
• beautification elements -- including cleaning, repairs & enhancements, and landscaping -- which enhance the station and help AT&T strengthen its connection with the local community. 

Out of Home Formats Used: 
•  Never Been Done Before Elements:
    o   Digital screen network at the station
    o   Entry/exit turnstiles
    o   SEPTA car/station map branding
    o   SEPTA signage branding
    o   SEPTA take away map branding
    o Rebranding of 4 SEPTA head houses 
•  Large Format Domination Mediums:
    o   Entry soffits
    o   Michelangelos


AT&T Station officially opened on September 21, 2010 with a ribbon cutting ceremony that featured City Council President Anna Verna and Councilman Frank Rizzo, as well as representatives from SEPTA and AT&T. The ceremony was followed by a festive three-hour celebration featuring Philadelphia team mascots, the Durning String Band, Philadelphia 76ers player Thad Young, local personalities Neil Hartman (from Comcast Sportsnet’s Daily News Live) and Steve Morrison,  and several representatives from AT&T. 

“AT&T is constantly working to rethink ways to help consumers live their lives more expansively, to enable our business customers to drive the limitless potential of their business, and to allow AT&T to help push the future of society overall. AT&T Station is evidence that “Rethink Possible” is more than a tagline. It is a promise to Philadelphians about what they can expect from AT&T and what we can achieve together in the future.”
    - Dan Lafond, Vice President and General Manager for AT&T in central and eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

AT&T Station received extensive PR in the press and online.