Reach More Patients with a Lamar Billboard Campaign

Research shows that drivers take action after seeing an Out of Home ad promoting a medical service or specialist.

15M drivers have made medical appointments after seeing a billboard Lamar Advertising

An Out of Home advertising campaign makes it easy for doctors, specialists, hospitals and urgent care clinics to reach and engage customers that may be seeking medical care.

Medical care customers are easy to reach with billboards.

Billboards successfully reach patients covered by health insurance as they are driving and going about their daily lives. 

96% of patients with health insurance drive each week.

Individuals likely to visit an urgent care facility for medical care frequently travel by car and are therefore highly exposed to Out of Home advertising every day.
Urgent care customers are easy to reach with billboards.

Medical practices, hospitals and urgent care facilities can use Lamar's digital billboard capabilities to display real-time information, such as emergency room or clinic wait times. 

Digital billboard capabilities for doctors.

A billboard campaign from Lamar using bold, memorable creative is a great way to set your medical facility apart. Contact us to start your billboard campaign today!โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

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Source: Scarborough