Case Study

Case Study


Problem: How does a jewelry retailer create traffic to its store in a highly competitive market?

Solution: By pairing static OOH advertising with mobile geo-fencing.

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Pandora is a jewelry retail chain that wanted to increase traffic to their stores in South Florida. The chain faced the challenge of increasing brand awareness in a competitive local market.

The advertising objective was to increase brand awareness and store traffic reaching its prime demographic of individuals with a household income (HHI) $100,000 and up.


Pandora used billboards in conjunction with geo-fencing in locations near their stores and in regions with a household income of $100,000+ to create brand awareness and reinforce the billboard message with a mobile component.

By combining billboards with geo-fencing, Pandora was able to produce a 135 percent increase over average secondary action rates (SAR) for mobile-only geo-fencing campaigns. Secondary actions are getting consumers to access store information online such as deploying navigation apps for directions to the store, calling the store directly, or accessing additional information about the stores. SAR are considered additional steps of engagement beyond click through rates (CTR).