A comparison of how much consumers are exposed to different types of media.

Consumers are spending increased amounts of time away from home and commuting. This time is spent in their cars, riding on public transportation and walking America’s streets.

Whenever consumers are outside the home, they are part of the growing outdoor audience. In fact, the amount of time spent in cars increased by more than 30 percent in the last six years. The number of miles driven has increased almost 7 percent in the last ten years. According the US Department of Transportation, highway miles traveled will continue to climb at a consistent rate through 2030.

This growing audience is second only to television in media usage. However, if you account for programming, outdoor leads the pack, followed by internet advertising. Outdoor is a pure advertising medium, without editorial or programming content.

Source: Arbitron, Federal Highway Administration, Magazine Publishers of America, MRI MediaDay, Newspaper Association of America, Texas Transportation Institute