OOH reaches more consumers in the hour before mobile social media activity than any other form of traditional advertising.

Out of home (OOH) is a powerful tool to amplify social media efforts.

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Facebook usage and engagement is on the rise, while adoption of other platforms holds steady, according to a Pew Research Center report released last month. To no one’s surprise, a majority of Americans now get at least some of their news via social media.

A national survey of 1,520 adults conducted March 7—April 4, 2016, found Facebook continues to be America’s most popular social networking platform by a substantial margin: Nearly 8 in 10 online Americans (79%) now use Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or LinkedIn (29%).

On a total population basis (accounting for Americans who do not use the internet at all), that means that 68 percent of all US adults are Facebook users, while 28 percent use Instagram, 26 percent use Pinterest, 25 percent use LinkedIn, and 21 percent use Twitter. More than twice the rate for other services. More than half of respondents were on more than one service.

Interestingly, Pew found only 24 percent of smartphone users on messaging apps that automatically delete sent messages, such as Snapchat or Wickr, an increase of seven points over 2015.

“Some 56 percent of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use auto-delete apps, more than four times the share among those 30-49 (13%), and six times the share among those 50 or older (9%),” Pew reports.

Facebook’s strength appears in part to the growing number of older adults who are joining the site. The share of online adults who report using Facebook has increased by 7 percentage points compared with a Pew Research Center survey conducted at a similar point in 2015. In addition, the share of Facebook users who check in daily has increased slightly in the past year: 76 percent of Americans who use Facebook now report that they visit the site on a daily basis, up from 70 percent in 2015.

The chart below provides a demographic breakdown of usage for the most popular social media site in the US. Facebook indexes higher with women, adults 18-49, adults with some college, those earning $49,000 or less a year, and they are as likely to be rural as urban.

In the USA Touchpoints/RealityMine study, “OOH and Today’s Mobile Consumer,” OOH was found to reach more consumers in the hour before mobile social media activity than any other form of traditional advertising, including television. The same held true with specific brand-related social media activity where OOH tied with television as the top form of traditional media to reach consumers in the hour prior.

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