What is a Jr. Poster?

Located mainly in urban neighborhoods and on smaller roads, Jr. Posters bring your message to a local audience. They provide exposure where larger format Posters or Bulletins may not be found. Jr. Posters are used to target ethnic markets and audiences that are harder to reach. When you have a time-sensitive, seasonal or special event to advertise, Jr. Posters are the way to go.

  • Typically positioned just above eye level
  • Free-standing units or mounted on the sides of buildings
  • Often used for their proximity to retail businesses where they can stimulate sales
  • Seen by vehicular traffic and pedestrians and reach ethnic markets in major urban areas
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Features & Specs

Target Urban Audiences

Jr. Posters are located mainly in urban neighborhoods. They are great for advertising time-sensitive, seasonal or special events.

Because Jr. Posters are smaller, they are available in neighborhoods and on smaller roads where larger forms of media can't go. This allows advertisers to get their message closer to urban audiences. Jr. Posters are also used for their proximity to retail businesses where they can stimulate point-of-purchase sales.

Flood the Market

Jr. Posters are designed to saturate the market and reach customers where they live, work and play.

Reach a wide audience and make a dramatic impact by saturating the market with Jr. Posters. Jr. Posters are sold in packages, so your ad will run simultaneously on several different Jr. Poster locations in a specified market area to saturate the region (typically for 30 and 60 day periods).

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by unit. Please contact a local sales representative for availability and specifications.


We offer advertising space on Jr. Posters in the following markets:

United States

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