Partnering with Landowners Since 1902

Lamar Advertising is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world. We have billboards on property owned by thousands of individuals and businesses across the U.S. and Canada. With over 100 years of experience in the outdoor advertising industry, we understand the importance of creating a beneficial experience for our landowners, the local communities and all parties involved.


We consider our landowners our partners. Our real estate professionals develop lease programs that not only maximize landowners’ assets, but also help them cover property expenses. We help our partners get the most out of their property without interrupting business.

Income Source

Turn an inactive property into a revenue source. Rent payments from Lamar provide landowners with a steady source of income to help maximize property investments, pay for property taxes and increase the potential resale value.

Direct Deposit for Landowners

Lamar offers landowners the convenience of direct deposit for lease payments. If you would like to receive lease payments via direct deposit, please visit our Lease Direct Deposit page for additional information.


Lamar uses rigid engineering standards to build structurally sound and safe billboard structures. Versatile structure designs meet your specific property needs, while minimizing the amount of required ground space to ensure no inconvenience to ongoing business operations.

Fully Insured

Lamar is fully insured and holds you, the property owner, exempt from any claims for damage caused by our structures or employees.

No Cost

Lamar is responsible for all installation, lighting and maintenance costs. We professionally install, illuminate and maintain the billboard structures on your property to ensure a quality appearance.

Working for a Better Community Partnership

Lamar operates over 200 offices across the United States and Canada. Our employees work and live very close to the locations of our displays, so we are well acclimated to the needs of our local communities.

We listen to feedback and concerns from our partners and the broader community. We are accustomed to evaluating property limitations (overhead power lines, underground cables, restricted access) and devising solutions that satisfy all involved. We strictly adhere to local ordinances to help preserve scenic beauty. We have extensive experience working with local city planners, landscape architects and others to create signage that is embraced by our communities.

Good Advertising Practices

We support the First Amendment right of advertisers to promote legal products and services by providing:

  • Exclusionary zones prohibiting outdoor advertisements of products illegal for sale to minors that are intended to be read from or within 500 feet of elementary and secondary schools, public playgrounds and established places of worship
  • Established reasonable limits on the total number of outdoor displays in a market that may carry messages about products that are illegal for sale to minors
  • Public service messages to promote worthy community causes
  • Broad diversification of customers that advertise in the outdoor advertising medium
  • The right to reject advertising that is misleading, offensive or otherwise incompatible with individual community standards
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