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Billboards Going Up to Encourage Reporting Child Abuse (WPMI-TV)

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) It's the one stop shop for help for abused children and prosecution of their aggressors, hosting eight agencies and 28 personnel. It's Mobile County's Child Advocacy Center.

Now it's getting some help in the form of billboards.

"Last year, children came through that front door 2,700 times in 500 cases," said Pat Guyton, who directs the center. "It looks like we're gonna be there again this year."

That's why Troy Tatum with Lamar Advertising announced Monday they'll be donating space for 10 billboards in the Mobile area with one simple message: report the abuse.

"April is Child Abuse Awareness month," said Guyton. "We're trying to get people to report child abuse, be aware of child abuse."

Guyton said they're doubling down on advancing a personal safety curriculum at area schools that can help kids know when something's not right.

"It's about inappropriate touching, good touching, who to tell, how to tell, when to tell," he explained. "We don't see any decrease in child sexual abuse cases coming through our front door."

The original news segment ran on WPMI-TV in Mobile.

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