53% of local and state voters are heavily exposed to OOH.

Research has shown that, typically, political media buyers rely heavily on TV. However, TV might not be bringing the results they desire. The OAAA and MediaLife found that changes in the way people take in media and the advances in Out-of-Home advertising make it a great media for candidates. With OOH, people can be targeted based on the area they live, where they work, and other demographics. This information can be used by the advertiser as a way of reaching a specific audience.

Political media strategists are leaning toward OOH. 

Since 53% of local and state voters are heavily exposed to OOH, adding OOH to campaigns can greatly increase your reach.

Some advantages of using Out-of-home to reach voters: 

• Digital billboards can increase the opportunity candidates have in raising awareness and increasing votes
• Billboards target specific demographics and areas, while using different messages for each with lower production cost
• TV, Radio and the internet can all be turned off or tuned out, while billboards are much harder to ignore
• The advances in integrating social media and digital billboards makes connecting with your audience 
• Easier and more time-relevant

Source: OAAA