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Lamar Advertising Awarded Five-Year Transit Contract in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona – December  3, 2013 – Commuters in Tucson, AZ, will see eye-catching ads on buses for the next five years thanks to a new transit advertising contract. Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR), one of the nation’s largest out-of-home media providers, today announced its new transit advertising agreement with Sun Tran.

The five-year agreement between Lamar Advertising and Sun Tran will give advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of local commuters, drivers and pedestrians in Tucson each year. Under the new contract, Lamar will sell exterior and interior ad displays on Sun Tran’s fleet, bolstering their out-of-home advertising offerings in Arizona.

“It is great to be in Tucson,” said Neal Gatherum, Transit General Manager of Lamar Advertising. “This is an excellent market for both local and national advertisers. We are pleased to offer our customers prime ad space on Sun Tran’s fleet in this thriving city.”

The transit fleet includes 253 buses, which serve approximately 20 million passenger trips each year. The buses operate seven days a week, servicing three transit centers along 40 routes and over 2,200 stops.

“Sun Tran buses circulate in the busiest areas of Tucson,” adds Gatherum. “We look forward to helping our customers successfully reach their target audiences with our extensive new inventory of bus ads.”

Tucson Bus Ad Tucson Bus Ad Tucson Bus Ad
(Images shown: Advertisements running on Sun Tran buses in Tucson, AZ.)

For additional information, images or general media inquiries please contact:

Neal Gatherum
General Manager 
(801) 532-4986

Allie McAlpin
Marketing Communications Director
(225) 926-1000

About Lamar Advertising Company
Lamar Advertising Company is the nation’s leading outdoor advertising firm.  Lamar offers solutions for clients in the form of bulletins, posters, digital billboards, buses, benches, transit shelters and highway logo signs.  Founded in 1902, Baton Rouge-based Lamar has a broad corporate reach with over 200 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico specializing in outdoor and transit advertising.  In addition, Lamar has 22 locations devoted to the highway logo sign business. This network provides clients with local market insight, as well as the services provided by a firm on a national scale.

With over 100 years of corporate history, over 800 media reps across the U.S. and a market-leading inventory of over 155,000 outdoor advertising structures, Lamar has built its reputation as the foremost outdoor advertising firm in the United States. Lamar essentially offers our customers a blank canvas and provides the support to deliver their messages with maximum impact, from start to finish. We have a lot to offer, but it all serves one purpose: helping our clients stand out. Follow Lamar Advertising Company on Facebook, on Twitter @LamarOOH or visit for additional information.

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