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Wi-Fi Enhanced Bus Ads Hit the Streets of Vancouver

Baton Rouge, LA – August 20, 2014 – Commuters in Vancouver, BC can now surf the internet while they cruise around the city on public transit buses, thanks to new campaign from TELUS, the Wireless and Internet service provider based in Western Canada, and Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR). Lamar Advertising of British Columbia is pleased to announce the launch of Vancouver’s first Wi-Fi enhanced full wrap advertisement on public transit buses.

"The Wi-Fi enhanced full wrap bus is a unique transit advertising initiative in Vancouver,” said Byron Montgomery, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Lamar Advertising. “We value our ongoing partnership with TELUS. They are always striving to break new ground when it comes to marketing, and the Wi-Fi enhanced full wrap buses were a natural fit for the TELUS brand.”

Lamar Advertising Vancouver Wi-Fi Bus Wrap Advertisements for TELUS
TELUS Wi-Fi enhanced full wrap transit advertisements featured on exterior and interior of buses in Vancouver, BC.

Riders can enjoy free Wi-Fi connectivity (courtesy of TELUS) on any mobile device while commuting on any one of three TELUS-branded buses in the Metro Vancouver area. The buses are fully wrapped with TELUS’ logo and free Wi-Fi announcements on the bus interior and exterior, making them highly visible and easily identifiable. Commuters who board the TELUS-branded buses are greeted by a TELUS opt-in splash page on their mobile device. From there, they can access free Wi-Fi and check emails, surf social media channels and watch streaming videos while riding the bus.

“Enhancing the rider experience while simultaneously strengthening the TELUS brand is a win win from Lamar’s perspective,” said Montgomery. “We were delighted to launch this innovative marketing concept with TELUS in Vancouver.”

The TELUS Wi-Fi enhanced bus campaign started at the beginning of August and will run as a pilot project for the next six months.

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About Lamar Advertising Company
Lamar Advertising Company is the nation’s leading outdoor advertising firm.  Lamar offers solutions for clients in the form of bulletins, posters, digital billboards, buses, benches, transit shelters and highway logo signs.  Founded in 1902, Baton Rouge-based Lamar has a broad corporate reach with over 200 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico specializing in outdoor and transit advertising.  In addition, Lamar has 22 locations devoted to the highway logo sign business.  This network provides clients with local market insight, as well as the services provided by a firm on a national scale. We have a lot to offer, but it all serves one purpose: helping our clients stand out. Please feel free to explore our website for additional information.

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Lamar Advertising Company
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Lamar Advertising Company
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