How to Advertise

How to Advertise

Who is your target?

Once you have identified your campaign objectives, you must decide who you’re trying to reach. There are several ways to define your target market. Consider demographics (gender, age, education level, ethnicity, income), lifestyle/values and don’t forget to check the competition.

Check the Competition
They're out there...competitors. Who are they? Think about who your competitors are, and then ask yourself these questions:

Why would your best potential customers buy from your competitor?

What do your competitors' customers believe they're getting from the competition that they wouldn't get from you?

What do you know about your product/service that, if shared with your target, would attract their business away from your competition?

Armed with these answers, you are on your way to building the creative concept for your advertising campaign.

Understand Your Customers
In order to effectively sell your product or service, you have to answer these five questions (no one will ask you, but deep in their soul it is being voiced):

Why should I listen to you?
Give potential customers a reason to pause and consider your message.

Who says so?
Research is fine, but what do their friends say about you? Do you need to establish your brand or reputation?

How is your product or service going to make me (or my company, family, etc.) better?
Think about the solution that your product or service will provide to your customers.

What’s in it for me?
How will your customers be better, cleaner, healthier, more efficient, lovable and happier as a result of doing business with you? Think about the benefits of your product or service and why they should do business with you (over a competitor).

Why now?
Can I just think about it now…or forever? Give your customers a clear call to action.

Tailor your advertising message to embrace these questions, and your creative design is ready to take shape.