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Billboards ask public to fill in the blanks (Baton Rouge Business Report)

A new billboard campaign will allow the public to express what Baton Rouge means to them in 24 letters or less. The "CC: Attachment" campaign is a partnership between Culture Candy, a Baton Rouge-based nonprofit cultural and educational organization, and Lamar Advertising Company.

The digital billboards ask, "What does B.R. mean to you?" and feature blanks after the "B" and "R." Sample answers given by Culture Candy include "Best Redfish," "Benevolent Rebels," "Babbling River," "Be Real" and "Better Roads." Submissions are being accepted, and will go live within 24 hours. Answers must have 12 letters or less per word and will be screened for inappropriate content.

Allie Leung, manager of marketing communications for Lamar, says Culture Candy approached the firm about launching a campaign to "help residents feel like more of a part of Baton Rouge and promote art and culture." The 13 billboards went live on Wednesday and will rotate throughout March 24.

"We thought it was a great way to get the community involved," Leung says. Culture Candy board member Clifton Webb says the campaign aims to raise awareness of Baton Rouge's creative scene. "Giving our citizens hands-on experience that others can see will help engage the community, allowing an understanding of why support and programming for the arts is so important," she says.

Lamar Culture Candy Campaign

The original article appeared on the Baton Rouge Business Report's website.

Jan 19, 2012

Baton Rouge Residents Given the Opportunity to Write Their Own Messages on Lamar’s Digital Billboards

Baton-Rouge based Lamar Advertising Company teamed up with Culture Candy, a cultural organization dedicated to fostering the growth of creative communities in the Baton Rouge area, to launch a digital campaign allowing residents to display their wit, intellect and passion on 13 digital billboards across the city.

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Jan 15, 2012

Lamar’s First Interactive Monster Wall in Canada (

Lamar Advertising Company has partnered with Monster Media Canada to light up the public transit system of Canada with a Monster Wall: believed to be the first interactive large LCD screen in a Canadian public transit system.

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