Airport Advertising

Lamar Airport Advertising delivers your message to business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about your brand, product or service, or encourage point-of-sale, Airport ads are the way to go. Choose from a variety of traditional and experiential displays and locations that are best suited for your campaign. 

  • Place your ad throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, gates, concourses and VIP lounges
  • Interior displays can be freestanding or affixed to walls, windows, columns, ceilings or floors throughout the airport
  • Exterior displays are available along airport/terminal roadways
  • Keep your message in front of our 125+ million travelers each year!
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Features & Specs

Backlit Signs

Available at Albany, Boise, Bufflao, Elko, Grand Junction, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and Spokane

Sleek, bright and sized right, these beautiful signs showcase your brand to millions every month. Located on escalators, in concourses, arrival and public areas, and at key intersections of the airport, these large format signs bring your message to life.


Available at L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Salt Lake City

Reach your target audience in a big way with Spectaculars! Your message gets noticed as passengers walk to baggage claim, restaurants, shopping or their gate. Spectaculars are also located in great targeted locations like the Rental Car Facility and the Taxi line in some airports.


Available at Boise, Buffalo, Elko, Grand Junction, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and Spokane

Watch your message in full color on our digital networks, showcasing your message to arriving and departing traffic. Our digital signs are high definition, LCD screens that provide options of full-motion video and animation. Networks are available throughout our airports including concourses, baggage claim, international arrival areas and more!


Available at Albany, Boise, Elko, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Salt Lake City

Vibrant color banners provide a sharp visual with a polished look that showcases your brand or offer. Suspended fabric or vinyl banners and framed banners are available in key locations like concourses and baggage claim. Single banner locations and Domination Packages are also available.

Wall & Window Wraps

Available at Albany, Boise, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Wall and window wraps deliver big impact to travelers and are strategically located in high traffic locations. They provide a “can’t miss” message for our advertisers. Both large and small, wraps are a great option to show-off your brand or offer.

Courtesy Phone Centers

Available at Albany, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Salt Lake City

A “must have” for hotels, motels, dining, car rental agencies and attractions! The phone centers are located in baggage claim, making it easy for arriving passengers to arrange accommodations, check out events, and call for shuttles when arriving in town. Touchscreens make these centers interactive with your customized information and direct dial numbers included. Text and QR code message option available.

Charging Stations

Available at L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland

Exclusively brand “front and center” charging stations at our airports! Power is the #1 amenity travelers look for in an airport. Be the presenting sponsor and attach your brand to a positive experience where extended dwell times capture passengers’ time and attention. Stations are in high traffic areas with added exposure to passersby.

Custom Displays & Sponsorships

Available at Albany, Boise, Elko, Grand Junction, L.A./Burbank, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Spokane

Feature your product or service like never before! A select number of custom sponsorships, branding and display opportunities are available at our airports in key foot traffic locations. The displays command attention and won’t be missed! Contact us for information about these unique and engaging options.

Exterior Wallscapes & Banners

Available at L.A./Burbank and Las Vegas

Soaring in front of airport vehicle traffic, as well as highly visible to all passengers entering and exiting the building, these bigger-than-life wallscapes and banners deliver your message in a bold way!

Taxi Lines, Transit Shelters & Airport Shuttles

Available at L.A./Burbank and Las Vegas

Strategically placed advertising in taxi lines, roadway transit shelters and on transit vehicles gives consumers eye-catching ads to read as they wait for their transportation. Double-deliver your message to customers in a captive setting on the Airport Shuttles as travelers navigate to Rental Car Centers, other terminals and parking.

Captive Audience

Airport ads reach a captive audience while they wait for flights, baggage or ground transportation.

Travelers generally have some down time while flying the friendly skies. Most commercial airline travelers spend up to two hours at the airport during a single trip, which means extra exposure for your ad. You’ll have a captive audience as people explore the airport until their flight.

Target Frequent Travelers

Airport ads provide excellent exposure to frequent travelers.

If you’re trying to target people who travel frequently for business or leisure, Airport advertising is a smart choice. Airport ads provide exposure to an affluent audience that can afford to travel and purchase the product or service being advertised.

Spec Sheets

Specs vary by unit. Please contact a local sales representative for availability and specifications.


We offer advertising space in Airports in the following markets:

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