Political Advertising

Political Advertising

Reach more voters with Lamar's network of digital billboards

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interactive digital coverage map, segmented by congressional district.

    • Target voters in key primary and battleground markets with the largest network of digital billboards in the U.S.
    • Our 2,200+ digital billboards deliver more than 10 million impressions to voters nationwide each day!
    • We offer excellent coverage in both Philadelphia and Cleveland to reinforce your message during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Download maps »
    • Our digital platform offers campaigns the flexibility of immediate, no-cost message changes at speeds faster than both broadcast and print media. Learn how to win votes with Digital OOH »

Flexible Messaging Digital Network for Political Advertising Campaigns

A Flexible Messaging Platform to Keep Voters Informed and Engaged
Use the flexibility and immediacy of our digital network to:

    • Broadcast news and real-time updates from your website or social media.
    • Keep voters engaged with relevant messaging.
    • Change your message as often as you want - no production cost.
    • Display live countdowns for upcoming appearances or remind people to vote.
The possibilities are endless! Learn more about our digital capabilities »

Start Planning Your Campaign!

Contact us at hello@lamar.com for digital locations and availability in your market.

To advertise across multiple markets/national coverage, please contact Mario Martinez at mmartinez@lamar.com.

Political Advertising Digital Billboards