Giving Back

Giving Back

Monitoring Digital Billboards

The Network Operating Center (NOC) is the technology nerve center which controls the operation and provides technical support for Lamar's digital network. The NOC is staffed by committed technical professionals and system administrators whose mission is to ensure quality and reliability. NOC employees monitor nearly 20,000 digital advertisements each day.

A collection of proprietary and “off the shelf” technologies are used to monitor each display’s connectivity, health and appearance to ensure that our customers’ expectations are delivered. We strive to minimize downtime so that network operations approach 100%. We have developed a responsive and proficient support chain for our network and have taken great pride in our ability to continuously work with our vendors and suppliers.

The NOC also participates in special advertising needs like broadcasting Amber Alerts or FBI Most Wanted advisories that need to be activated with very short notice and run for specific timeframes.

Lamar Network Operating Center
With over 10 years of experience in the digital out-of-home area, the NOC provides Lamar customers with the most reliable support and solutions for digital billboards. 

Digital Capabilities

Digital Billboard

With Lamar's digital technology, the possibilities are endless. Display relevant messages based on the time of day, user-generated content, countdowns, live scores, traffic, trending items, weather triggers or social media on our digital billboards.

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3D Billboards

Mammoth 3D Innovation

We're constantly thinking of new ways to help our clients enhance their advertisements. Looking to extend your creative into the next dimension? We produce custom 3D billboard embellishments at our Lamar Graphics facility.

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