Giving Back

Giving Back

RAREFORM: From Billboards to Bags

We love extending the life of old billboards. Lamar has an ongoing partnership with RAREFORM, a company that takes old billboards and turns them into unique products, such as surfboard bags. We donate approximately 10,000 pounds of used billboard material to RAREFORM each month.

Watch the RAREFORM team transform our old billboards into surfboard bags in the video below.

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Recycling Billboards

Recycled Billboard Vinyls

After a billboard is taken down, it doesn't go to the landfill. Lamar has a dedicated recycling program to capture all materials post-use and re-purpose into new products.

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Saving Energy

Energy Savings

You'll see our clients' billboard advertisements illuminated at night, but our wireless digital lighting system ensures that we never waste energy.

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