Giving Back

Giving Back

Saving Energy

Solid State Lighting Control
You'll see our clients' billboard advertisements illuminated at night, but our wireless digital lighting system ensures that we never waste energy.

Wireless digital control of Lamar’s lighting is already in place. This allows our lights to be controlled remotely, and very accurately. Troublesome timers and photocells are eliminated, replaced by wireless control that is pre-programmed with sunrise and sunset times by latitude and day of the year (including daylight savings time shifts). This system can be monitored or manipulated from any computer or smart device, and is tied into Lamar’s system to chart billboard space availability, so when billboard space is not sold, the lights stay off.

All lights go on and off exactly on time, and this system results in energy savings of over 25% relative to prior control methods.

Energy Savings

Recycling Billboards

Recycled Billboard Vinyls

After a billboard is taken down, it doesn't go to the landfill. Lamar has a dedicated recycling program to capture all materials post-use and re-purpose into new products.

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Cutting Fuel Consumption

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our operations division is responsible for installing billboard advertisements, and Lamar's GPS vehicle tracking system allows us to monitor our fleet of vehicles and reduce our carbon footprint.

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