Giving Back

Giving Back

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency (LED Lighting)
Lamar has installed over 78,000 LED lights on billboards across the U.S., replacing metal-halide lights and yielding a 73% reduction in energy use on those structures. The national roll out of LED fixtures is expected to be completed by 2022.

Once completed, this transition to state of the art solid state lighting will reduce our energy consumption by over 100 megawatt hours (100 million kWh) per year.

Eco-Powered Billboard

Recycling Billboards

Recycled Billboard Vinyls

After a billboard is taken down, it doesn't go to the landfill. Lamar has a dedicated recycling program to capture all materials post-use and re-purpose into new products.

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Saving Energy

Energy Savings

You'll see our clients' billboard advertisements illuminated at night, but our wireless digital lighting system ensures that we never waste energy.

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