Giving Back

Giving Back

Donating Billboards

After an advertisement is taken down, Lamar extends the life of old billboards by donating them to the community. Our billboards have provided temporary roofs for storm victims, served as canvases for aspiring artists and some even become surfboard bags.

Donating Old Billboards
Lamar donated old billboard vinyls to provide shelter for hurricane victims after their roofs were destroyed in the storm.

Re-purposing Billboards
Lamar partnered with RAREFORM, a company that takes old billboards and turns them into unique products, such as surfboard bags (pictured above).

Supporting Law Enforcement

Lamar Advertising Donates Billboards for NCMEC Campaign to Find Jacob Wetterling

Lamar donated billboard space to help law enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the continuing search for Jacob Wetterling.

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Art Everywhere

Art Everywhere US Outdoor Exhibition

Lamar donated space on over 950 Bulletins, Posters, Shelters and Digital Billboards for the Art Everywhere campaign, an initiative by leading museums and the billboard industry to create one of the largest outdoor art exhibitions in the country.

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