Lamar Celebrates 20 Years of Digital Out of Home

20 Years of Digital Out of Home

20 years ago, Lamar recognized the potential for large-format digital billboards to transform the Out of Home industry. Digital billboards give advertisers the ability to change their message instantly and connect with audiences in a more relevant way, while also serving as a valuable channel for disseminating information to communities.

Driven by these beliefs, we created and debuted the first large-format digital billboard in 2001, in our hometown of Baton Rouge. By 2008, we had installed over 1,000 digital billboards. 

This year, we are celebrating 20 years of Lamar’s digital innovation and industry leadership. We now operate approximately 3,800 digital billboards across the country.

Lamar digital billboard campaigns can be bought and activated programmatically, leveraged to extend social and mobile campaigns, and can display creative content triggered dynamically by any number of variables. We continue to evolve our digital capabilities to provide advertisers with opportunities to deliver contextually relevant messages at the right time, the right place, to the right audience. 

In keeping with our corporate ethos of “giving back,” we partner with law enforcement authorities, government agencies, and public health officials who utilize the real-time messaging capabilities of our digital network to display warnings and share important, time critical information. We also donate digital space to non-profit organizations seeking to rally support for worthwhile causes.

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