More than half of U.S. adults report they have noticed a poster billboard in the last month.

In the newest Nielsen OOH research study, more than half of US adults 18+ report they have noticed a poster billboard in the last month. Given today’s highly competitive and fragmented media environment, another important finding is most respondents agree poster ads stand out more than other media, including online, mobile devices, radio, and newspaper advertising.

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The study found 94 percent of those who noticed a poster in the last month looked at the advertising message, and more than half were highly engaged with the ad. Nearly 90 percent recalled seeing advertising, and 47 percent recalled seeing a specific ad. Millennials were most likely to notice posters, with highest viewership (71%) among 25-34-year-olds, while 65 percent of adults 18-44 report noticing posters.

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In the past month, 65 percent of adults noticed a poster directing them to a nearby store, business, or restaurant. Fifty-five percent of consumers who noticed directional posters changed their plans to visit the business advertised. Nearly a quarter of those who saw a poster in the last month made a purchase at the business advertised, and 40 percent talked about the ad with friends and family.

The report also found posters prompt online engagement. Thirty percent of survey respondents searched online for more details about a featured message, and 29 percent visited the advertiser’s website.

Study Highlights

Poster Viewership
51% of adults surveyed noticed a poster advertisement in the past month and 38% noticed a poster in the past week.

Reaching Young Adults

Younger adults were more likely to notice posters. Poster viewership was highest among people age 25-34 with 71% noticing a poster in the past month.

High Engagement
50% of poster viewers are highly engaged with the ads and look at the messages either all or most of the time.

Ad Recall
The average ad recall per poster campaign tested was 47%, meaning 47% of poster viewers in the campaign's local market recalled seeing that specific ad.

More is Better
The number of posters used by a brand directly impacted overall ad recall for the campaign. Brands using 40 or more posters yielded substantially higher ad recall levels.

Posters Stand Out
Over half of poster viewers agree poster ads stand out more than ads seen in newspapers, online, on mobile devices or over the radio.

Nielsen conducted 4,020 online surveys, with local residents age 18 or older in 10 US markets between August and November 2016. Thirty-six (36) campaigns utilizing poster ad units were selected for testing across the survey markets. Ad recall results are shown among respondents who participated in the survey while the test campaigns were active in their local market.

Source: Nielsen