Case Study

Case Study

Conan O'Brien

Problem: How do you keep momentum going to get a television star back on television?

Solution: Combine the flexible nature of digital billboards with social media to maintain an audience.

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On January 21st, NBC announced that Jay Leno would replace Conan O’Brien as host of The Tonight Show. Conan O’Brien was legally prohibited from appearing on television.

A little over a month later, Conan took to the social networking site Twitter and posted his first tweet on February 24th, showing the world he can still make us laugh, with or without television.

Taking notice of Conan’s dilemma, Lamar Advertising wanted to highlight Conan’s tweets until he could find another home on television.


A creative image and a micro-site,, were built to feature Conan’s tweets live on digital billboards. The outdoor company sent an email to all of their markets with digital inventory asking that they run the campaign on any available spots between paid contracts on the boards.

Within 24 hours, the campaign went live on 224 digital panels in 66 markets.


Within one hour of posting on Facebook, 1800+ users claimed they “liked” it and 200+ commented. Almost every comment was positive. If a negative comment was made, it was usually in reference to the fact that the user did not have a digital billboard in their market that they could view Conan’s Tweets on.

Within five days, received 55,197 unique hits and 78,714 total hits. Less than a week after the campaign started, Conan announced he would be headlining a late-night show for the cable network, TBS.

The campaign was mentioned on 70+ online blogs, including some great national publications. The campaign also had fabulous viral appeal: 9,000+ hits on, 2600+ digs on, and countless tweets and retweets.