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As the nation’s leading out-of-home advertising company, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help advertisers stand out.

Out-of-home advertising meets mobile technology with RoadNinja, an interstate travel app from Lamar Advertising Company that is revolutionizing the out-of-home industry. Now we can extend your message from our billboards, digital and transit formats right onto the mobile device, thanks to RoadNinja.

Increase your exposure and complement your out-of-home advertising campaign by adding a promotion and displaying your logo on our RoadNinja app – at no extra charge.


Add value to your out-of-home advertising campaign with RoadNinja. CNN Tech named RoadNinja one of the “50 most buzzworthy [apps]”, and Forbes touted RoadNinja as one of the “10 best apps for traveling like a local”. Find out for yourself – download the app free on your iOS or Android device.
RoadNinja helps users plan their trip, discover new places, share them with friends via social media and save money with promotions as they travel on the interstate.

Businesses can add promotions and display their logo on RoadNinja at no extra charge. It’s a great way to put your message into the hands of over 630,000 users who have downloaded the app, while complementing your advertising campaign.

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