Executive Team

Executive Team


Kevin Reilly, Jr., Chairman of the Board and President

Sean Reilly, Chief Executive Officer

Jay Johnson, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Brent McCoy, Executive Vice President

James McIlwain, Secretary and General Counsel

Floyd Williams, President of Interstate Logos

Robert Switzer, Vice President of Operations

Thomas Teepell, Chief Marketing Officer

John Miller, Senior Vice President of Sales and Sales Operations

Hal Kilshaw, Vice President of Governmental Relations

Tammy Duncan, Vice President of Human Resources

Regional Managers

Robert Campbell, Atlantic Region

Phil Cherry, Western Region

Paul Gartland, Northeast Region

Don Riley, Southwest Region

Mark Sherwood, Mid-West Region

Denise Shewmake, Central Region

Tom Sirmon, Gulf Coast Region

Territory Managers

Bill Condon, Southwest Region

Matt Duddy, Northeast Region

Tom Fahey, Central Region

Bob Fessler, Mid-West Region

Charlie Furman, Central Region

Stan Geier, Northeast Region

Tom Gibbens, Gulf Coast Region

Tim Jameson, Mid-West Region

Ron Kibler, Southwest Region

Jamie Machut, Atlantic Region

Chris Prickett, Western Region

Rich Rickert, Mid-West Region

Casey Sexton, U.S. Transit Region

Scott Shockley, Atlantic Region

Bobby Soule, Atlantic Region

Troy Tatum, Gulf Coast Region

Tom Traylor, Gulf Coast Region

Brent Window, Mid-West Region

Brad Yarmark, Mid-West Region